06 Dec

Running a small business can be tough. One of the biggest challenges is getting more customers. Many companies struggle with this, but there are some ways to make it easier. 

One way you can get more customers is by using a BookingPress Plugin for your business website. This will allow you to become more efficient in your customer service and sales process, while also automating tasks like scheduling appointments and reminders for follow-ups. With the rise in competition among businesses, having these extra tools at your disposal could be what makes all the difference when trying to grow your small business!

Here are five reasons how an BookingPress plugin helps to grow your small business.: 

(1) saves time;
(2) easy access;
(3) reminders;
(4) more customers;
(5) organized.

1. Saves time


When you have BookingPress, customers can easily book appointments with you online without having to call or email.

This saves you time, because you don’t have to answer phone calls or emails all day. 

This plugin will integrate with your calendar, so you can easily see your availability. Therefore, customers can book appointments that don’t disrupt your day-to-day life because everything is automated. You also save time by not worrying about sending reminder emails because the plugin will automatically send reminders 24 hours before the appointment.

2. Easily accessible


BookingPress Plugin also gives your customers the opportunity to book appointments on their smartphones and tablets, so they can see your availability while you’re out with them.

For example, if you're a plumber and you're working with a customer at their home, they can quickly book an appointment for later that week from your website.

This is extremely beneficial for companies who have a physical store and offer services such as hair, nails, or massages because the customer can easily book appointments without having to go into the store.


3. Remind customers of their appointments

One of the best features of BookingPress is the reminder email. It includes all the details they need, such as the time, date, location, and what to bring.

This reminder email is extremely important because it ensures that customers don’t forget their appointments – which could lead to them cancelling, rescheduling, or having to pay the cancellation fee. You can also customize your email notification as per your needs.

4. It can help grow your small business

One of the biggest benefits is that it increases ease and comfort for your users. The online booking plugin will allow them to browse your available time slots, find an opening that works with their schedule, and book an appointment all from one simple interface – without having to go back and forth via email. 

This also means no missed appointments because they couldn't be bothered to call or email you back! Having this extra step automated will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your brand.


5. Finally, appointment booking plugins keep everything organized

Because the plugin integrates with your calendar, you can see all of your appointments and other important events. Therefore, you’re able to prioritize tasks and make sure that all of your appointments are booked correctly.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to Install our FREE version of BookingPress today. After that, you will find yourself automating the tedious tasks so that you have more time to manage your small business!

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